An eight session course which looks at how to use drama techniques to enhance your students’ use of language and confidence in speaking.

  • Introduction to drama in EFL – why use it and what we are enhancing when we use drama activities.
  • In the everyday lesson: using the course book, dialogues, role plays and supplementary activities for language work.
  • Short activities to stimulate ideas and give students the opportunity to practice paralinguistic features and enhance phonology.
  • Oral interpretation of literature, using the class reader and duet acting. Using the voice.
  • Simulations and extended role-play based on input material. Opportunity to experiment with the language.
  • Setting up a theatre play: choices and getting it on stage.
  • Stimulating students’ imagination and allowing them the opportunity to create and develop for  themselves in interactive situations.
  • Use of the video camera to record student’s interaction. It’s use for language development  through observation and error correction.